Tierra Audio New Twenties

After more than a year of research and development, the result of our vision is a high-end studio and live condenser microphone with a powerful sound and unmatched aesthetics that retains the glamour and elegance of The Roaring Twenties, along with the technological sophistication demanded by this new century.

The time has come to live with happiness, passion and good music these “new 20s”.


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A powerful sound within the reach of most with the Tierra Audio New Twenties

The Tierra Audio New Twenties gives you a warm, deep and creamy sound. It sounds rich in harmonics. With the right balance of brightness in treble it will bring a rounded sound body to your musical recordings and voiceovers. Always with the important dose of definition and presence that modern productions demand.

A huge engineering effort with great professionals in the industry who have collaborated in the development and sound modeling of this microphone, has allowed us to obtain the color and timbre we dreamed of since we started with the idea of this challenging product.


Made in Spain with the help of the best.

To guarantee the final quality of our microphones, we make technical decisions based on objective data that have been tested and validated over the years.

The capsule that captures the sound in the Tierra audio New Twenties is made in the USA from the highest quality materials.

We put the enormous sensitivity of the expert hands and ears that have equipped some of the most legendary and renowned microphones in the industry at the service of your music.

Absolutely premium sound. No shortcuts, no reservations.


A sound beast ready for a world dominated by photography and video

The New Twenties rescues from the past the ‘ridges’ where record labels, recording studios, television and radio stations promoted their name or that of their sponsors.

Put the name of your recording studio or radio station, the name of your band, the title of your latest single, the title of your Podcast, your video clip, a #hashtag, or the name of your Twitch® or YouTube® channel.

Each microphone comes with two interchangeable magnet ‘ridges’, one made of transparent recycled methacrylate and the other of bamboo. We can laser engrave on them the text or logo of your choice1.

You can also silkscreen print them in a printing shop or put stickers on them thanks to the digital templates we provide you.


Made by engineers. Conceived for artists.

An anti-pop system like you’ve never seen before.

Our stylish and resistant anti-pop is made of three thin layers of mesh and textile strategically interspersed that progressively slow down the impact of the wind produced by the most conflicting syllables… without altering the sound of your voice!

Forget forever the usual bulky anti-pop systems, effective but complex to position correctly, delicate to transport, and generally annoying and unsightly during music and dubbing sessions that include photography and video.

Our anti-pop is automatically positioned in the right place thanks to its N52 neodymium magnets, the most powerful in the world, coated with an epoxy film that maximizes its durability even in very humid environments, and prevents vibrations and unwanted marks on the surface of the microphone.


An impenetrable stainless steel shield

The outer chassis of the New Twenties is made of certified quality 304 stainless steel2.

A real super shield that not only resists the abrasion of aging, but also protects the electronics inside from shocks and noisy radio frequency electromagnetic pollution that is so damaging to sound.

Modern materials: recyclable, efficient, aesthetic and durable.


Time-inspired anti-vibration technology

After 100 years, it had to be possible to design a suspension system for the capsule much more sensitive and discreet than the traditional ones based on large cast iron springs.

The solution was found in the workshops of the best master watchmakers and their precision micro-springs made from a stainless steel similar to the strings of a piano, tremendously resistant and with a spectacular memory effect.

Weight 1,12 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 7 cm


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