Sontronics Podcast Pro

Sontronics Podcast Pro is a professional dynamic microphone, hand-built in the UK, specifically developed to give incredible results for podcast as well as radio broadcast, gaming, streaming, vlogging, video calls and music.

If you need to record, broadcast or capture vocals of any kind, Podcast Pro is the mic for you.


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About Podcast Pro

Thanks to its tightly focused supercardioid pickup and excellent side rejection, Podcast Pro will reproduce your voice with outstanding detail, presence and depth without capturing any extraneous background noise.

Its high output level means that, unlike all the other podcast mics on the market, Sontronics Podcast Pro doesn’t require extra signal-boosting devices or any processing with expensive plug-ins.

The mic’s internal protection and built-in popshield provide superb control over sibilance (eg: S, CH, Z) and plosives (B, P), ensuring the best possible results wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.


Podcast Pro Highlights

  • Superb sound: crystal clear, pro-quality results wherever you are
  • Tight pickup: helps to avoid unwanted background noise
  • Top reviews: Amazing feedback from reviewers and users
  • So easy to use: it’s high output measns no signal booster is needed


Podcast Pro in use

Easy to set up and position, Podcast Pro is compatible with all desktop, floor-mounted and angled mic stands.

Whether you’re working or studying from home, recording in a pro studio or radio station, podcasting outdoors or vlogging on the go, the Podcast Pro will give you unmatchable results that need no post-processing, EQ or gain-boosting devices.

For podcast, voiceover, radio, gaming and streaming, for YouTube vlogs, for vocals and instruments or even for upping your game for Zoom, Teams and Skype calls, the Podcast Pro guarantees perfection with consistent, studio-quality results on every single take.

Connect directly to your computer or device (using our XLR-USB cable) or to your interface, soundcard or mixer using a regular XLR cable.


Ideal Applications

Sontronics Podcast Pro obviously gives amazing results on podcasts but also for radio broadcast and voiceover. It’s ideal for gaming and streaming, vlogging and live-streaming plus it adds a professional edge to your #WFH video calls and can even be used for vocals and instruments too!



Acoustic operating principle

Dynamic supercardioid

Frequency range

50 Hz – 15 kHz


3mV/Pa (-50dBr.1V/Pa)

Rated load impedance

≤600 Ohms


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