Schertler Yellow MIC500

a single channel, full Class A, 500 series microphone preamp specially designed for user installation in an 500 series Lunchbox rack.

Available in three models, MIC500-TL, -TO and –TT, the YELLOW MIC500’s high quality electronics are contained within a totally shielded metal enclosure, while an anodized aluminium front panel provides intuitive access to its controls. These include a 12-step rotary switch for adjusting input sensitivity (in 3dB increments), plus an extra gain control for use in weak signal conditions or when connecting low output sources such as ribbon mics.

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A full 10-segment VU meter with peak hold provides highly accurate signal monitoring. A two-position phase reverse switch and phantom power switch ( 48V) are also included. Designed to offer the best possible audio quality, the YELLOW MIC500 has a fully balanced signal path with no capacitor over the entire path (except for the TT model). Only discrete electronics are used on the signal circuitry.

Power supply rails with active filter are designed to improve Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSSR). All models include a low-noise matched transistor array from THAT Corporation. The TL model has no audio transformer on the output or on the input connection.

No Negative Feedback (NFB) is applied for faster attack and improved slew rate. The YELLOW MIC500 simply slots into an available space in the Lunchbox rack and is secured to the chassis using supplied screws. The preamp is ready for instant use on power-up

Three different models are available: TT equipped with high-quality Lundahl transformers on in- and output TO equipped with high-quality Lundahl transformer on the output TL with no transformers



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