Nevaton MC50 Quad

When used in stereo-mode infinitely directional patterns can be achieved – from omnidirectional, to wide cardioid, to cardioid, to hyper-cardioid, to figure-8 or any intermediate pattern!

It can record surround or can be used for various stereo-recording techniques like XY-stereo, Blumlein, or (Double)-MS. The Nevaton MC50 features two large diaphragm capsules with four membranes at the same spot. This guarantees a perfect quad-stereo-mono compatibility and avoids common interference problems when used for Surround-Sound 5.1!

The result is a circuit design which provides a high dynamic range of 138 dB, with an extraordinarily low self-noise of 4dBA! This makes the MC50  a microphone with one of the lowest self-noise figures on the market and features heated capsules (so it can be used with temperatures reaching down to -30 degrees!). Russian technology at its finest!


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The current consumption of the amplifier is used to heat the capsules, which makes it possible to use the MC50 in extreme climate conditions, like very high humidity, or temperatures of down to – 30 degrees!

The MC 50 is the ultimate microphone for the recording of stereophonic and multichannel surround formats!

The MC50-Quad has a transformerless circuit design, with no electrolytic capacitors in the audio path. The impedance circuitry is comprised of matched ultra-low-noise transistors, film capacitors, and “military grade” resistors. The microphone has four separate circuits, one for each capsule diaphragm.

  • The Nevaton MC 50 QUAD has a 2-position low-cut filter (linear, 70Hz) and a -10dB switch.
  • Both are under the mic-body, which can be easily removed to access the switches.
  • Another filter helps to eliminate any radio interference. Apart from that positive effect the filter does not influence the sound-transmission of the microphone


The MC50 offers the following modes

  • QUAD
  • XY
  • MONO

In Double MS-Mode the microphone has to be slightly turned, that the upper capsule (Out-2) will directly face the main sound-source.

No matter if you are using the MC50 as a mono, or as a stereo microphone you can always fine-adjust mic-patterns to make sure that they fit your exact needs – from omnidirectional to wide cardioid to figure-8 to super-cardioid with any step in between. You can remote-control your microphone-patterns with your mixing desk!


Check the following modes which are available for each of the two double diaphragm capsules.


The Nevaton MC50 microphone comes in a fine hardwood-box.
A three meter long four channel XLR-break-out cable is part of the set.
Optional a special cable for Double MS is available.

Dimensions 23 × 3 cm

Blumlein stereo, EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN, Mid-side stereo, Mono, Quad &amp, amp, XY stereo

Acoustic operating principle

Pressure gradient transducer

Frequency range

20 – 20.000 Hz


20 mV/Pa

Rated impedance

50 ohms

Rated load impedance

1000 ohms

Equivalent noise level (A-weighted)

4 dB-A

Signal-to-noise (A-weighted)

138 dB

Max SPL (THD<0.5%)@ 1kHz:

142 dB

Supply voltage

48V ( /- 4V)

Current consumption

7.5 mA

Matching connector

10-pin XLR-type, to 4x 3-pin XLR standard

Switchable options Pad

-10dB switch, under the mic-body, which can be easily removed to access the switch


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