Hedd Type 05/07 Mk2

These models are a real multitasker.

Its strong performance, digital connectivity, and compact size turn it into the ideal choice for mobile broadcast stations, recording studios, multichannel-setups, and VoIP conferences.

No-Compromise Compact Monitor with on-board Lineariser® and CoP. The Gold Standard Studio Monitor

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The HEDD TYPE 05 MK2 is the most compact active monitoring solution in our range of professional loudspeakers. With its small honeycomb 5’’ woofer and an ultra-high-precision AMT, it is a perfect fit for space-sensitive home studios, broadcast- and video editing suites.

Like its bigger siblings the TYPE 05 MK2 is powered by a powerful SHARC-DSP loaded with HEDD’s latest innovation: The Lineariser prefects the stereo image and depth by perfecting the speaker phase. What is more, the two distinct CoP modes (Closed and Ported) let you choose between a clean and painstakingly accurate sound (“Closed”) and the ability to run the speakers at significantly higher volumes while maintaining access to lower bass regions (“Open”).

The entire MK2 range also boasts Desktop- and Shelving-filters to adapt the speakers to your studio space and a jaw-dropping Bass-Extension mode that lets you access even lower frequency areas. All controls have stepped aluminum pots, making speaker adjustments easy and repeatable.

The TYPE 075 MK2 offers analog XLR and a digital AES connection. It is available in black and white.



Gold Standard Studio Monitor with on-board Lineariser® and CoP

The HEDD TYPE 07 MK2 has been designed for mixing engineers and producers. Its Air Motion Transformer tweeter offers clean and realistic reproduction of the upper midrange and high end, crucial frequency bands for most instruments and vocal recordings. Making use of a Honeycomb 7“ diaphragm and 100W ICE Power Class-D amps, the bass response of this speaker is fast and highly dynamic.

As all MK2 monitors, the TYPE 07 MK2 model is running on a powerful SHARC-DSP loaded with our newest innovations: The Lineariser® perfects the speaker’s timely behavior and gives you better insight and control of the stereo image. Closed or Ported (CoP) technology gives you two distinct sound options you can choose from: Pinpoint accuracy („Closed“ by inserting foam plugs into the bass ports) and the ability to run the speakers at higher volumes and maintain access to lower bass regions („Open“).

The MK2 range also includes Desktop- and Shelving-filters to further adapt the speakers to your room and a Bass-Extension mode that lets you access even lower frequency areas. All controls can be accessed via smooth stepped aluminum potentiometers, making speaker adjustments a charm.

The TYPE 07 MK2 offers analog XLR and a digital AES connection. It is available in black and white.


HEDD Air Motion Transformer

Our AMT was designed to deliver impeccable transient response and ultra-high frequency extension. This unique driver is handmade in Berlin to ensure the highest quality possible.

Our design of the Air Motion Transformer is known for transparent and linear high frequencies that do not distort the natural sound reproduction in any way.

HEDD Lineariser®

Our HEDD Lineariser® is fully integrated into the HEDD Type 05 MK2 monitors. With the phase linearity enabled we can solve time-related delays with a non-perceivable short reaction of 10ms. Effectively, this improves transients and imaging precision. For the first time, the phase correction can be synched with our HEDD BASS subwoofer range to compensate for group delay in a sat-sub system. Of course, the HEDD Lineariser® is optional and can be disengaged.

CoP: Closed or Ported

Like most monitors, the Type 05 MK2 speakers are based on a Ported base system that allows for a voluminous bass response with impressive extension. However, the same speakers can transform into a functionally new design with the flip of a switch and the use of the included plugs. The newly introduced Closed operation mode benefits from the extensive research that went into our reference monitoring system, the HEDD Tower Mains. With sealed bass ports, the Type 05 MK2 exceed expectations of bass precision and offers a new level of texture details and low-end harmonics.

Main Features

HEDD Lineariser®, CoP, GDC, LFE, Desk and Shelf Filters

DSP Integration

Custom high-resolution 96 kHz / 32 Bit AD / DA converter


05 Mk2: 2-Way: 5" Woofer (1,5" voice coil) + HEDD AMT Tweeter
07 Mk2: 2-Way: 7" Woofer (1,5" voice coil) + HEDD AMT Tweeter


2×100 W ICEpower amplification (85-264 V)


05 Mk2: 2500 Hz
07 Mk2: 2300 Hz

Frequency Range

05 Mk2: 45 Hz – 40 kHz (LFE: 38 Hz – 40 kHz)
07 Mk2: 38 Hz – 40 kHz (LFE: 30 Hz – 40 kHz)

Maximum SPL

05 Mk2: 112 dB SPL (sound pressure level) per pair at 1m
07 Mk2; 116 dB SPL (sound pressure level) per pair at 1m


Analog (XLR / 22 kΩ) and Digital 2ch (AES / XLR)


Digital AES pass-through via XLR

Dimensions and Weight

05 Mk2: 308 x 180 x 245 mm, 6.4 kg per unit
07 Mk2: 370 x 220 x 300 mm, 9.9 kg per unit


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