Earthworks SR series

The Earthworks SR series are multi-purpose cardioid condenser microphone designed for instrument miking in live performance and studio recording environments.

Smooth Sound for Every Application!

It’s hard to truly do justice to the Earthworks SR series microphone. The SR is a true performer, delivering a precise, natural sound you simply won’t find on a lot of cardioid microphones. Unlike a lot of directional mics, the SR won’t give you a hollow, “boomy” sound when used close to the source. The sound is smooth in whatever application. A favorite microphone for many recording artists, the SR hits high marks for clarity and realism in a directional mic.

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Earthworks condenser microphones are designed from the ground up to be as accurate and articulate as possible, and that’s exactly what you can expect from the SR series — even at high sound pressure levels up to 145dB. Its cardioid polar pattern is suitable for the majority of recording applications, and it’s transparent nature makes it ideal for everything from acoustic instruments and drum overheads to tube amplifiers and vocals. Tailored for loud sound sources, you’ll especially appreciate the Earthworks SR series instrument microphone when it’s time to mix your tracks.

Remains transparent on loud sound sources

Exceptionally loud sound sources like guitar amplifiers and drums can push microphones to their max, and sometimes you want the mic distortion/coloration that results. But when you want to capture exactly what you’re hearing in the room, with no coloration, the Earthworks SR series condenser mic excels. With SPL handling up to 145dB without distortion, you can confidently place this mic against loud instruments, knowing that your recording will be true to the source.

An extremely neutral-sounding cardioid polar pattern

One thing recording engineers at Sweetwater like about Earthworks mics is how neutral their sound remains even when off axis. If you’ve been recording for a while, you know that not all polar patterns are created equal — some mics have a significantly different frequency response in their off-axis zones than others. This means that if you do pick up some bleed from outside sound sources, they may sound unnatural and can be difficult to fit in the mix. With the Earthworks SR series, any off-axis sounds that are not completely rejected are captured with exceptional accuracy, which you will absolutely appreciate upon mixdown.



  • Cardioid condenser microphone with extremely flat frequency response
  1. SR25: 50Hz–25kHz
  2. SR30: 20Hz–30kHz
  • Engineered to handle high volume levels (up to 145dB SPL) without distortion
  • Captures sound with transparency and detail
  • Equally suited for studio and live sound reinforcement
  • Ideal for drum overheads, guitar and bass amplifiers, and piano, and great for any acoustic instrument
  • Requires +48V phantom power




Frequency range

20Hz -25kHz ±2dB at 12 inches (30cm)


10mV/Pa (-40dBV/Pa)

Rated impedance

65 ohms

Rated load impedance

600 ohms

Equivalent noise level (A-weighted)

20 dB-A

Supply voltage

24-48V Phantom, 10mA

Matching connector

XLR (pin 2+)


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