Earthworks LP20 Levelpad

Levelpad In- Line Attenuator 

Reduces the level of an audio signal by 20dB, which allows a line level output to be connected to a microphone input.


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The LP20 LevelPad is an in-line attenuator that provides -20dB attenuation and minimizes distortion by providing added headroom. The LP20 will attenuate any balanced microphone level or line level signal.

The versatile LP20 LevelPad provides -20 dB of attenuation and can be used for eitheer microphone level or line level signals. The LevelPad can be used with any balanced, low impediance microphones (condenser, dynamic or ribbon). The LevelPad will pass phantom power for use with condenser microphones.

Just plug the LevelPad into the mic line feeding your balanced microphone to attenuate yhe mic output by -20dB. For use with high output level microphones or when using microphones for close miking drums and other instruments.The LevelPad will reduce the output level of the microphone to prevent overloading the preamp on your mixing console.

The LevelPad is designed using only high quality components to provide exceptional frequency response with very low noise and distortion

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