Avantone PS1

Avantone PS1 Pop Shield. A Vocal Necessity.



In pursuit of warm, detailed studio vocal recordings there is the constant battle with the “plosives”. The Avantone PS1 allows close work on a mic to capture a more intimate, full sound without overloading the capsule. The specially designed curved surface naturally follows the grill shape of studio mics. This helps with efficient positioning, that will yield optimum acoustic and aesthetic results. The piping protects against any sharp metal edges that could cause injuries.

Professional-grade construction

The Avantone PS1 is constructed with an acoustically transparent metal screen that yields sonically superb results in studio applications. High-frequency details pass through to be captured in full while blocking the invasive blasts. The flexible yet sturdy 9mm goose-neck and clamp assembly allows the Pro-Shield to be easily attached to any microphone stand or boom arm for precise positioning.

As opposed to traditional pop-filters, the PS-1 is easy to clean and sterilize with soap and water.

Take a look here to find a microphone you can combine with the Avantone PS1 or take a look at the Avantone website!



Type: Pop Filter with Clamp
Material: Curved Metal Screen


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