Avantone Planar


Audiophile sound meets portability.

Planar is the culmination of Avantone’s experience in creating reference-grade monitoring products, and the demands of modern, professional end-users.

Featuring planar drivers for extreme detail, and supreme comfort for long sessions, Avantone’s Planars are a perfect solution for mix engineers, musicians, podcasters, live-streamers, and hi-fi enthusiasts.


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Featuring planar magnetic driver technology

Planar drivers offer an incredible set of advantages over traditional moving coil drivers. Amazing accuracy, high-end detail, clarity, natural bass and response time.

Traditional moving coil drivers use a magnetic field to push/pull the driver in one direction and rely on the surround’s elasticity to return the driver to the neutral position. Planar drivers utilize a technology that mixes principles between dynamic and electrostatic drivers. They are constructed by a precise array of magnets that are evenly spaced across both sides of a thin electrically-active diaphram.

Due to the nature of this magnetic field’s precision, force applied to the membrane is distributed in a symetric fashion which produces a signal with very little harmonic distortion, and incredibly fast response times. Because planar uses front and rear magnets, there is far less weight applied to the driver material. This results in a much more natural sound with less distortion — allowing for hours of fatigue-less listening.

Avantone Planar headphones employ an open-back design, with a perfectly tuned chamber. That results in a very flat-frequency environment, without the typical pressure build-up, acoustic resonance, and frequency curve of closed back headphones. The result is an audiophile listening experience that can even be enjoyed portably!


Avantone Planar that meet the modern day demands

The Avantone Planar might be a bit larger than typical headphones, but that doesn’t change the need for comfort! The Planar is perfectly weighted for long-listening sessions, and provides additional comfort with their soft and spacious ear pads. Sessions that last for hours will only feel like minutes when wearing them!

Avantone Planar also include a high-grade, removable 3.5mm cable that can be plugged into either side! When you’re working with a large instrument or a specific rig that makes the cable output feel awkward, just plug into the right side! Avantone Planar ships in shoulder bag with room for your accessories and a pouch for it’s included cable.


High definition planar driver technology outperforms typical dynamic headphone designs, providing an uncompromised, natural sound
Low distortion, fast response, and flat frequency response for more precision and accuracy when monitoring and mixing
Over the ear, open back headphones with a lightweight design for greater comfort when wearing for longer periods of time
Low impedance and amplifier requirements for better use with recording interfaces, hi-fi systems, or mobile devices.
Extremely wide frequency response from 30Hz to 30KHz.
High-grade, removable 3.5mm cable that can be plugged into either side
Includes lightweight eco-friendly carrying bag.
Optional replacement cable and earpads available.


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