Avantone CR 14

Vintage ribbon mic character built for the modern world




Avantone is known for offering top quality, high durability audio gear that meets or exceeds industry standard expectations. The basic and fragile nature of the truly old school Ribbon mic design seriously benefits from Avantone’s “Cabernet Series” construction. Dye cast housings, and interwoven brass/steel grill assemblies allow you to concentrate on using your Ribbon mic, not protecting it. Of course, the Avantone CR 14 is far more than a tough but classy cabernet finished mic.

Expect the clear truthful details and warm lows, that started the ribbon mic resurgence. Utilizing an updated dual-ribbon design, the CR14 features extra high sensitivity, and a potent 148 db. SBL capability. Additionally, the dual ribbon “diaphragm” features a larger sweet spot, on both sides of the figure 8 polar pattern, making mic placement fast and easy.

Like any great Ribbon mic, the Avantone CR-14 is great for vocals, loud guitar/bass cabs, Drum overhead, or room mic and it’s entirely passive- That means no overloading, distortion, or bulky power supply to get in the way of you and the sound you’re after.

“Retro” Shockmount, wooden presentation box, metal road case and manual included.

Take a look at the complete BLUETONE Ribbon collection here! Or visit the website from Avantone.


Ribbon Microphone


Dual Ribbon / Pure Aluminum / 35mm x 5mm / 2 microns thick

Frequency Response:

30Hz – 15kHz +/- 3dB

Output Inpendance:

<=600 Ohms


-52 dBv +/- 2dB Re. (0dB=1V/Pa)

S/N ratio:

70dB re 1Pa

Noise Floor:

< 17 dBA

Maximum SPL:

145dB (0.5% THD @1000Hz)

Output Connector:

Male XLR 3 pins


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