Avantone CK1

The Affordable High Quality SDC Microphone!


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The Avantone CK1 is a high quality FET-circuit SDC (small diaphragm condenser) mic, that’s got much more going for it than its affordable price portrays. Though designed to complement our C-series snare, tom, and bass drum mics, the CK1 provides top performance with a wide range of acoustic instruments: drum overheads, upright piano, strings, wind instruments, and more. Our signature Cabernet-red finish over a finely milled brass hull, with polished nickel silver accents make a visually perfect (and durable) match with our Drum Mic packages.

The Avantone CK1 performs with stunning results in mono, or when paired for stereo applications. Cardioid, hypercardioid and omnidirectional polar pattern capsules are included, adding to the CK1’s chameleon-like versatility. Metalized polypropylene and top-grade polystyrene caps are used stock, eliminating the need for costly hot-rod modifications before you even get started. True to the Avantone way, the CK-1 is the affordable alternative that will stand p or surpass any “industry standard” mic in its class, in-studio or live, with road-rugged reliability.


Features of the Avantone CK1:

  • SSM Shock Mount included
  • Cardioid, Hypercardioid and Omnidirectional capsules included
  • Padded wooden Mic storage Box
  • True Condenser
  • 25-25,000 Hz +/- 3db
  • -10dB attenuation
  • 80Hz high-pass filter
  • Cabernet red finish
  • Less than 200 Ohms output impedance
  • Weighs less than 5 oz.


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